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Digital Advertising

The Power of Personalization

If that isn’t enough of a ringing endorsement, 78 percent of these same marketers shared that personalization provides...

Media Planning

Media Planning for Socially Responsible Brands

The concepts of corporate social responsibility and brand social responsibility have been around for decades. They...


Brand Positioning in Times of Inflation

This article will dive into what inflation means for branding, marketing, and media buying, and how brands should...

Media Planning

The Effectiveness of AdTech in Media Planning

Is AdTech too big and too hard to measure? EMarketer predicted that 91 percent of the digital advertising market—a $270...

Digital Advertising

Building a Successful Digital Media Strategy for Publishers

It’s also an important signal for publishing companies developing their digital media buying strategies. Take, for...

Automotive Advertising

Why Automotive Advertising Is Changing

As automotive advertising has evolved over the years, so, too has the marketer’s strategy when it comes to using media....

Media Planning

How Are Brands Keeping Up With Today’s More Wellness-Focused Consumer?

Businesses today can take this information to heart by helping consumers see how brands can play a role in their...

Media Planning

A Guide to Media Planning Strategies in Banking and Financial Services

Finance is a dynamic industry, and the way that banks approach marketing their services has changed dramatically over...


Retail in 2022: Trends That Will Steer Marketing and Media Buying This Year

A smart, well-thought-out media buying strategy requires careful planning and a deep understanding of each year’s...