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Out of Home

Planning OOH Campaigns for Food and Beverage Brands

As it is with any marketing strategy, including OOH, businesses should first seek to understand the current trends in...


Sponsorship vs. Advertising

Frequently, the terms ‘sponsorship’ and ‘advertising’ are used interchangeably. However, there is a notable difference...


Radio and Digital Advertising: Is it the Perfect Duo?

Considering the benefits of both radio advertising and digital advertising, it is no wonder that a new digital-radio...

Transit Advertising

What is Transit Advertising?

When you see an advertisement in a public transit area, like on the walls of a subway station, or in a public...

Print Advertising

The Future of Print Advertising

In today’s business climate, the question “Is print advertising dead?” is at the top of the list when considering what...

Over-The-Top Advertising

OTT and Smart TV Advertising

And so we enter the world of OTT and smart TV advertising. Read on to learn more about what smart TV advertising is,...

Out of Home

Are Digital Billboards Effective in the Digital Age?

Out-of-home advertising is always an effective way to market your brand — with billboard advertising bringing in an...


When is Radio Advertising the Right Choice?

When you think of cutting-edge advertising methods, the radio may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However,...

Out of Home

Out-of-Home Advertising Guide for Car Dealerships

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything about OOH advertising including its history, how it works best for...


Connected TV Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

To understand connected TV (CTV) advertising, you need to start with the definition of CTV. Connected televisions can...


Study: Ads Placed in Print News Media + Digital Extensions Outperform Paid Social, Programmatic

Print, Digital News Media Almost 10x More Effective Than Social Media, Programmatic.

Over-The-Top Advertising

What is OTT Advertising? Everything You Need to Know

Over-the-Top Advertising - or OTT Advertising - is advertising that is delivered directly to viewers over the internet...


Reach and Frequency: Media Planning Guide (2021)

First, a definition: When we’re talking about “reach,” what are we talking about? When talking about planning your...


Everything You Need to Know About Modern Media Planning

Media planning is, by definition, the process of strategizing and purchasing media ad placements and deciding what the...

A Marketer's Guide to Q4 Media and Advertising Trends (2021)

Media and advertising spend are predicted to reach a high in the fourth quarter of 2021. Advertising and media buying...

Sponsorship Marketing

The Power of Personalization

Things are beginning to change for sports and entertainment — ultimately allowing for the success of the sponsorship...

Social Media

Video and "Story" Ads

Social media video and "Stories" ads are the new wave in the ad industry— advertising is changing, and digital media is...

Sponsorship Marketing

Everything You Need to Know for Successful Sponsorship Marketing

Things are beginning to change for sports and entertainment — ultimately allowing for the success of the sponsorship...


Digital Radio 101: Where and How to Spend Your Media Dollars

Access to music from all over the world has never been so easy or affordable. That’s when advertisers can make a...


How to Evaluate Different Types of Media: Listen to the Experts

By carefully planning your campaigns with a media broker, your investments will have a major impact on the success of...


Why D2C Brands Still Rely on Traditional Media

Nearly one-fourth of all consumers who have purchased from a D2C company reported that they first heard about the brand...


Ready for National Network Radio Advertising? Here’s What You Need to Know

Americans continue to fall in love with the sound of music and the human voice — and advertisers are listening.

Support Small Business

MBI Praises and Recognizes Small Businesses in Atlanta

MBI is well-renowned as a top media strategy and buying firm.


An Ad Targeting Showdown: Mobile IDs vs. Third-Party Cookies

Consumers around the world remain concerned about their personal data privacy.

Out of Home

OOH Media: 8 Benefits for Advertisers

If you are an advertiser interested in investing your media dollars into an exciting, highly creative OOH campaign,...


4 Ways to Benefit From eCommerce Advertising

Believe it or not, the Coronavirus pandemic has improved conditions for many advertisers — specifically, eCommerce...


Streaming Wars: The Latest in 2020 Digital Video

2020 has already seen some unexpected shifts in the digital video and television landscape.


Is TikTok Advertising the Right Fit for Your Brand?

TikTok is undoubtedly on the rise, but it’s key to understand whether your brand fits in with this trending medium.


Podcast Media: Revolutionizing the Audio Landscape

Digital audio is having a moment. According to eMarketer, podcasting is the fastest-growing digital platform.

Sponsorship Marketing

Media in the Midst of Mayhem – Part 3: Events

2020 Summer Olympics moved to 2021. The Masters shifted to the fall. MLB, NHL and NBA seasons are all suspended for...


Media in the Midst of Mayhem – Part 2: Digital

Companies need to be dynamic in their approach to digital advertising right now.


Media in the Midst of Mayhem – Part 1: Television

Many advertisers were not adequately prepared for the level of uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.


5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns

Some marketers question the sustaining relevance of Facebook as fewer Gen Z'ers are using the platform than previous...


Newspapers: Not Just for Boomers

Does printed newspaper media skew to A50+? Yes, but not as much as you may think — at least not compared to other news...


Breaking Down OTT, CTV, Addressable and Every Other TV Buzz-Word You Are Hearing

How are these terms related? How are they different? What’s true and what’s pure myth?


Privacy in 2020: How It Will Affect Digital Media Strategies

Are you using digital media in 2020? If so then you need to understand the CCPA. Read this post to understand privacy...


How to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts During the Holiday Season

Everyone knows that consumers in the United States spend an enormous amount of money during the holidays. Despite all...


10 Reasons Why Magazine Advertising is Still Relevant

Magazine advertising is just as powerful as it ever was; in some ways, the shrinkage of available titles may make it...


Advertising in 2020: The Political Impact

Uneasy about how political advertising will impact your 2020 media plans? Preemptions? Unachieved reach & frequency...